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Concrete Block Making Machine RTS5D
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Concrete Block Making Machine RTS5D

Stationary Concrete Block Making Machine RTS5D
Capacity per pallet 5 hollow blocks 390×190×190mm
Pallet size 1160×560×25-30mm
Work area 1060 ×500mm
Product height 60-200mm
Operation cycle 15~30s
Vibration motor 2×4kw
Maximum excitation force 68kn
Machine weight About 6 ton

This type of concrete block making machine, also called concrete brick making machine can be used to produce a wide variety of concrete products including all kinds of colorized paving blocks, hollow blocks, kerbstones, etc.

1. Machine Body

The body of this block machine is constructed from rectangular hollow sections using special welding technology. This ensures an enclosed construction. Two chrome plated guide pillars are fixed on the body of the building machine to guide the movement of upper and lower mold boxes, and the lengthened guide sleeve will guarantee high moving precision.

The lower mold holder comes with a synchronizer which enables molds at both sides to go up and down synchronously. The mold head and box are respectively connected to upper and lower mold holders through shock resistant cushion pads. This concrete block making machine applies a long work platform which allows production of kerbstones of more than 1 meter.

2. Feeding Device
The feeding device of this block making machine features an integrated structure which allows it to be easily moved out or into the machine body as needed, ensuring great convenience for maintenance. The hopper and filler box are all fixed on the support frame of this hollow block machine. They can move up and down together when product thickness changes.

The hopper has a capacity of about 680L. Its outlet is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. Opening and closing time, frequency and degree of the outlet can be adjusted through control system. The filler box is directly driven by a hydraulic cylinder and its movement is controlled by a limit switch. It is equipped with a hydraulic driven distributing device which ensures faster and more uniform material distribution.

3. Compacting System
Our concrete block making machine comes with a state-of-the-art compacting system. To be specific, an integrated vibrating table is mounted at the bottom of the mold box, which is supported by vibration pad, with the amplitude range mechanically adjustable. A twin-shaft high frequency vibrator is fixed on the table, driven by a vibration motor that uses REIT's proprietary electronic brake, allowing quick start and stop.

The concrete filling process and compacting process are respectively completed through pre-vibration and principal vibration. The pre-vibration is controlled by time. When concrete filling is finished, the upper mold presses down and then the principal vibration starts to compact the concrete. This compacting method can not only meet the requirements for production of common concrete blocks, but also ensure compacting, forming and easy demoulding in production of fly ash blocks.

4. Hydraulic System
Our concrete block making machine is designed with an integrated type hydraulic system which is connected to the block machine through hydraulic hoses, allowing easy and quick installation and removal. The system is outfitted with oil heating and cooling units, among which, the cooling unit adopts a circulation water-cooled cooler. The hydraulic system provides power for main parts of our block making machine including mold head, mold box, distributing box, etc.

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