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Concrete Block Making Machine

If you are looking for a block machine, you have come to the right place! As an experienced concrete block making machine manufacturer in China, we at REIT are able to provide customers with high quality block machines at economical prices.

Our concrete block making machine is the result of advanced technology and our extensive experience. Designed with every detail in mind, our product offers reliable quality, high automation, stable operation, great productivity, low failure rate, long lifetime, and more.

The block machine is ideally suited for producing pavers with and without face mix, kerbstones, and similar concrete products.

This model of block machine can be used as one part of economic automatic production line.

Technical Data
Minimum product height 60mm
Maximum product height 200mm
Operation cycle 25-40s (depend on the products)
Capacity per pallet 12.5 hollow blocks 400×200×200mm
Vibration motor 2×11kw
Up mould vibration motor 2×1.1kw
The power of hydraulic station 45kw
The rated pressure of hydraulic station 16mpa
Maximum oscillating force 150KN
The capacity of base concrete hopper 1000L
Dimensions of machine 7000×2800×3200mm
Machine weight app 12 ton
Product pallet size (wooden or steel) 1100 ×1100 ×100 mm

More Information
International markets: the USA, South Korea, North Korea, India, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Algeria, Libya, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc. 
Certificates: CE and ISO9001
Time of finishing an order: 2-3 months
Payment term: T/T and L/C
Spare parts: free spare parts within the warranty period
Voltage requirement: according to customer's specific requirements

To help our customers better understand our concrete block making machine, here we give some detailed information on the components of our product.

The machine body is made of strong, hollow, thick, rectangle section steel using special welding technology, resulting in high durability. There are four chrome plated guiding columns fixed on the body of the machine, which are used for guiding the up mould and down mould. Driven by hydraulic cylinders, the moulds move up and down along the guiding columns. The utilization of gear and pinion rack reinforcing synchronizing device ensures rapid, accurate movement of mould. The down mould runs steadily, without being shocked while starting and stopping. The mould support and guiding columns use lengthened guiding sleeves, contributing to high guiding precision and long service life. The movement of the whole body, from vibrating position to demoulding position, is driven and adjusted by proportion valve and double buffer hydraulic cylinder.

Feeding Device of Concrete Block Making Machine
The feeding device consists of hopper and filler box. The concrete hopper has a capacity of 1000L, and its outlet is driven by hydraulic cylinder. The time, frequency and degree for opening and closing the outlet can be adjusted by control system. The hopper is equipped with a level indicator which gives signals for filling or stopping the concrete. The filler box is driven by double buffer cylinders, and the synchronized rod can take movement of two sides. This ensures steady, shock-free feeding movement, reduced abrasion to parts and no leakage of materials. Due to its unique structure and compound movement, the rotary feeding mechanism in the filler box can make the filling process fast and wet concrete in the mould well-distributed, thus assuring consistent product quality.

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