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Concrete Block Making Machine

5.3 Aggregate Skip Hoister
It is built for transporting the batching aggregate to the mixer.

Main Parameter
Hopper: 1500L
Motor power: 7.5kw

5.4 Base Mixer

Main Parameter
Loading capacity: 1500L
Compacted concrete per batch: 1000 L
Power: 45kw

5.5 Cement Weighing Batcher for Base Mixer

Weighing hopper with 3 load cells is composed of amplifier, feeding device with dust collector, magnetic vibrator, and pneumatically operated throttle valve shutter.

Main Parameter
Weighing capacity: 750kg
Dynamic accuracy: ±2%

5.6 Mixer Platform

It is used for supporting the mixer.

5.7 Wet Concrete Conveying Belt

The conveying belt is designed for the transport of the face mix from the mixer to the storage hoppers of block machine.

Main Parameter
Driven motor power: 5.5kw/

5.8 Cement Silos
Silos are provided by customers. Each silo has a capacity of 60 tons. It is composed of air pad, support, level indicator and dust collector. The diameter is 2800mm. The total height is about 15m.

5.9 Cement Screw Conveyor

Main Parameter
Diameter: 168mm
Conveying length approx.: 7000mm
Driven motor: 4kw
Capacity: 20ton/h

Pos.7 Pneumatic Group

The pneumatic group is the acting device of such equipment as batching and mixing plant, block machine, pallet feeder, pallet turning device and pallet oiling device. It comprises air compressor, pip or hose, filter, cylinders, valves, and so on.

Pos. 8 Water Supply System
The water supply system is used to supply water to mixers, with pipes from water tank to mixers. The water tank is provided by customer.

Pos. 9 Electric Control Group of Concrete Block Making Machine
The electric control group adopts Siemens Simatic S 7 PLC. The PLC and the power unit are housed in a control cabinet which is equipped with joy-sticks for manual operation and an integrated Siemens display for data input, output as well as error diagnosis. User friendly interface and diagram display are available. All control units are linked through PC computer.

9.1 Electric Control for Block Machine
Referring to Pos.1.

9.2 Electric Control for Mixing and Batching

9.2.1Electric Control for Mixing and Batching for Base

Automatically control base concrete batching and weighing, water metering and moisture measuring, mixing and transporting operations.

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