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Concrete Block Making Machine

Compacting System of Concrete Block Making Machine
The vibrating table and the up mould both are fitted with vibrators, forming a compacting system featuring "down mould main vibrating + up mould vibrating + up mould pressing". Concrete filling process and compacting process are respectively completed through pre-vibrating and main vibrating. Pre-vibrating during filling is time controlled. When the filling process is completed, the up mould presses downward and main vibrating starts. The compacting method can not only satisfy the production of common concrete products, but also ensure smooth compacting and demoulding operations when making fly ash concrete products.
Four-shaft synchronized vibrator (REIT patent) is installed under vibrating table and driven by two electric motors. The special synchronous device ensures the vibrating table generates vertical oscillations. The amplitude and frequency of vibrators can be adjusted according to the specific raw material and blocks.
Compulsory limit support for pallet is designed. The pallet can impact the limit support while moving downwards, and therefore, the vibrating force is greatly increased, forming vibrating pressure to blocks. This can effectively reduce fatigue damage to isolation pad of vibrating table. In addition, there is an efficient vibration isolation system between the vibrating system and machine body, which keepsvibrating energy that the foundation and frame receive at a minimum, thus making foundation building and installing operations easier.

Hydraulic DriveUnit of Concrete Block Making Machine
The hydraulic drive unit is made using hydraulic elements from famous suppliers. It is designed to supply power to main devices of the block machine. All of the hydraulic elements are integrated in the form of hydraulic station, and all of the control valves are installed in a control module. The hydraulic station is equipped with radiator and return filter, which helps ensure operational reliability and long service life of the hydraulic system. It is linked with block machine by high pressure soft hose. All of the hydraulic pipes are put on the block machine with hard pipes except cylinder uses soft pipe. The hydraulic cylinder utilizes built-in buffer unit, and the hydraulic pipeline adopts balance loop, contributing to the steady, rapid and smooth operation of equipment. 

Auto Control System of Concrete Block Making Machine
The auto control system consists of control panel, control cables and a variety of sensors. The PLC control system features user friendly interface and has data input and output, diagram display functions, enabling the operator to operate it fast and easily. Manual operation and automatic operation are both available. Through the touch screen the operator can set, revise parameters and timely know the operating conditions of the whole production line. The PLC is a Siemens product. Other electronic elements are from world renowned suppliers such as Omron, ABB.

Pos. 2: Up-down Whirling Table
The support frame with compacting system will automatically move to the demoulding position after performing the compacting operations. The up-down whirling table can assist the main machine in completing demoulding process as well as stacking of green blocks. The whirling table runs steadily and reliably as its elevating and descending apply scissor structure and its turning applies seat ring bearing structure. The utilization of digital encoder unit assures the precision of positioning and thus protects products during demoulding and stacking processes.

Pos. 3: Delivery Roller Conveyor
The delivery roller conveyor is used for moving the pallets with stacked products from theup-down whirling table, which makes it convenient for the forklift to transport stacked products to the curing place. It consists of horizontal pulling rod and rolling table. The front part with power is driven by hydraulic cylinder with internal buffer, resulting in steady operation.

Pos. 4: Product Pallet Feeding System

4.1 Product Pallet Hopper

The hopper is built to store product pallets and automatically place a pallet to product pallet feeder. It is driven by electric push rod. The utilization of lengthened guide plate in three sides of the hopper enables pallets delivered by forklift to be correctly positioned. In addition, the synchronized rod mechanism ensures product pallet moves vertically and eliminates problems like plate blockage.

Main Parameter
Electric push rod power: approximate 1.1KW
Push force: 1000Kg

4.2 Product Pallet Feeder

It is designed for conveying the product pallets from product pallet hopper to the up-down whirling table,to facilitate product stacking for the block machine. The conveyor is ring-shaped chain conveyor which is driven by motor.

Main Parameter
Power of motor: about 1.5KW
Length: about 4M
Running speed: 0.37m/s

Pos. 5 Mixing and Batching Plant for Base

5.1 Aggregate Hoppers (3*6 m3)

The hopper is designed for storing the sand and stone. It consists of stationary frame and store hopper. The stationery frame built of steel section is used to support hoppers, fix the weighing system and concrete belt conveyors.
There are three 6m3 aggregate hoppers.

5.2 Weigh Batching Belt of Concrete Block Making Machine

Main Parameter
Weighing capacity: 2500Kg
Dynamic accuracy: ±2%
Driven motor power: 5.5Kw
Effective transport capacity: 300ton/h

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