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Concrete Block Making Machine

Welcome to our website! This product page introduces our RTSQT6 concrete block making machine, which is extensively used for pavers with and without face mix, kerbstones, and other concrete products. Our consistent focus on product improvement, coupled with our utilization of advanced technology from Germany and vast experience in the filed, has resulted in our concrete block making machines having many advantages, like high quality, high automation, smooth running, great efficiency and reasonable price. Thus, our products are CE certified, and are increasingly popular with customers from many countries, including the USA, South Korea, North Korea, India, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Algeria, Libya, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and more.

This model of block machine can be used as one part of economic automatic production line or simple automatic production line.

Technical Data of Concrete Block Making Machine
Capacity per pallet 6 hollow blocks 400×2000×200mm
Pallet size 900×680×35mm
Work area 820×630mm
Product height 50-220mm
Operation cycle 15~30s
Vibration motor 2×5.5kw
Oscillation force 80kn
Machine weight About 7 ton

Can be used for composing production lines like,
RTSQT6 Economic Automatic Concrete Block Production Line
RTSQT6 Simple Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

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