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Concrete Block Making Machine

RTQT9 concrete block making machine is a stationary block machine designed and manufactured using internationally advanced technology and REIT vast experience. It is suitable for making a variety of concrete products like paving bricks, kerbstones, hollow and solid blocks, etc. As our block making machines are high quality and economically priced, they are very popular with customers from USA, South Korea, North Korea, India, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, Algeria, Libya, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and more.

This model of block machine can be used as one part of fully automatic production line, automatic production line or economic automatic production line.

1. Our concrete block making machine delivers high productivity, high automation, low failure rate
2. Frequency and amplitude control
3. Cruising vibration technique
4. The rotating bars with sticks driven by a hydraulic motor ensure fast, uniform feeding
5. Face mix unit
6. Automatic control system for base concrete mixing and batching
7. The auto cuber adopts PLC control. Full automatic, semi automatic and manual operations can be achieved.
8. Pallet centering and positioning device
9. The utilization of airbag and lifting device makes it easier to change a mould
10. Siemens S7 control system
11. 4-shaft heavy-duty synchronous vibration table
12. Hydraulic oil temperature control with pre-heating and air or water cooling
13. Diagnosing and resolving problems through Internet

Technical Data
Pallet size 1350 ×700 mm
Minimum product height 50 mm
Maximum product height 300 mm
Work area 1250 ×640mm
Operation cycle 15-25s(depend on the products)
Capacity per pallet 9 hollow blocks 400×200×200mm
Vibration motor power 2×7.5kw
Up mould vibration motor power 2×0.75kw
The power of hydraulic station 30kw
The rated pressure of hydraulic station 16MPa
Machine weight app 10 ton
Machine weight including 2nd feeding device app 12 ton

Can be used for composing production lines like,
RTQT9 Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line
RTQT9 Automatic Concrete Block Production Line
RTQT9 Economic Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

More Information
Certificates: CE and ISO9001
Time of finishing an order: 2-3 months
Payment term: T/T and L/C
Spare parts: free spare parts within the warranty period
Voltage requirement: according to customer's specific requirements

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