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Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Main Parameter
Diameter: 168mm
Conveying length approx.: 7000mm
Driven motorpower: 4kw
Capacity: 20ton/h

Pos.20 Pneumatic Group of Concrete Block Making Machine
The pneumatic group is the acting device of related equipment such as batching and mixing plant, block machine, pallet feeder, pallet turning device and pallet oiling device. It consists of air compressor, pip or hose, filter, cylinders, valves, and so on.

Pos. 21 Water Supply System
The water tank is provided by customer. It is used to supply water to mixers. Pipes from water tank to mixers are available.

Pos.22 Electric Control Group of Concrete Block Making Machine
The electric control group is composed of mixing and batching control system, block machine control system, finger car control system, transport control system and auto cuber control system. These systems are controlled in the central room through high performance digital logically controlling system. In addition, each system can be independently controlled.
The control group can memorize production data and programmes of dozens of concrete blocks, which greatly shortens the adjusting time after changing the products. It can also automatically record the output of products in every shift and month.
The programmes of the whole system can be linked with and locked by each other.
Using Siemens S 7 PLC control technology, the system can help realize automatic loading, metering, mixing, cubing, moisture measurement, etc. Color monitor with user friendly interface displays production process and status, making the operation easier.
The control group includes many control cabinets and consoles. The main elements are products from world renowned suppliers like Germany Siemens, Japan Omron, Fuji and France Schneider, which contributes to reliable performance of our system.

22.1 Electric Control for Block Machine
Referring to Pos.1.

22.2 Electric Control for Transport System
The control system is used for the control of: green block belt conveyor, rotating brush, chain elevator, chain lowerator, dry block conveyor, pallet cleaning brush, pallet turning device, pallet cross transfer device, pallet hopper and oiling device, pallet scraper.

22.3 Electric Control for Cuber
The cuber consisting of slat conveyor and product pallet magazine is controlled by the Siemens Simatic S 7 PLC. The electrical control cabinet includes joy-sticks for manual machine operation and a Siemens digital display for data input and output as well as error diagnosis.

22.4 Electric Control for the Finger Car
The Siemens Simatic S 7 PLC and the power unit are installed inside the control desk which includes many buttons and joy-sticks for manual operation. A Siemens digital display is also available for data input, output as and error diagnosis.

22.5 Control System for Mixing and Batching

22.5.1Control System for Base Concrete Mixing and Batching
The control system is used for automatically controlling aggregate hopper, conveyor belt, mixer, screw conveyor, moisture measurement device, weighing system, and other concrete mixing and batching devices. It can input the related parameters to the control unit according to the production frequency of block machine. The mixing system can automatically complete feeding, mixing, water metering, moisture measuring, etc., and transport the aggregate to the hoppers of block machine. The transport process can be controlled automatically and manually. Data statistic, store, and formula store can be realized by the computer. The working processes can be monitored by displaying them on the screen.

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