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Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Main Parameter
Motor power: about 7.5kw
Lengths: about 11m
Speed of movement: 0.18m/s

Pos.17 Product Pallet Magazine
The pallet magazine is fitted on the slate conveyor and is used to store the product pallet.

Pos. 18 Mixing and Batching Plant for Base
18.1 Aggregate Hopper (3*12m3)
The aggregate hopper is designed for storing sand and stone. It consists of stationary frame and three store hoppers. Each hopper has a capacity of 12m3.
The stationery frame is used for supporting hoppers and fixing the weighing system and concrete belts conveyors.
The hopper wall is built of steel plate for increased strength and rigidity. Each hopper has two independent discharge outlets driven by pneumatic cylinder, which helps realize high batching precision and speed. The hopper used for storing fine aggregate is equipped with vibrating device to ensure the smooth unloading of the aggregate.

18.2 Weigh Batching Belt

Main Parameter
Weighing capacity: 2500kg
Dynamic accuracy: ±2%
Driven motor: 5.5kw
Effective transport capacity: 300ton/h

18.3 Aggregate Skip Hoister
It is used to transport the batching aggregate to the mixer.

Main Parameter
Hopper: 1500L
Power of driven motor: 7.5kw

18.4 Base Mixer JN1000
Interchangeable wear-resistant linings, reversible mixing blades, water distribution ring with spray nozzles, inspection covers for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Main Parameter
Loading capacity: 1500L
Compacted concrete per batch: 1000 L
Stars no.: 2
Power: 45kw

18.5 Cement Weighing Batcher for Base Mixer
It consists of amplifier, feeding device with dust collector, magnetic vibrator, and pneumatically operated throttle valve shutter. There are three load cells.

Main Parameter
Weighing capacity: 750kg
Dynamic accuracy: ±2%

18.6 Mixer Platform
It is designed for supporting the mixer.

18.7 Wet Concrete Conveying Belt
The conveying belt is used for transporting the face mix from the mixer to the storage hoppers of concrete block making machine.

Main Parameter
Driven motorpower: 5.5kw

18.8 Water Metering and Moisture Measurement System
Hydronix microwave moisture measurement device is equipped for the base mixer, and the microwave sensor is installed inside mixer. A micro water pump is used to pour water into base mixer. Moisture measurement and water filling operations are automatically controlled by computer.

18.9 Two Cement Silos
The cement silo is composed of with air pad, support, level indicator and dust collector. Each silo has a capacity of 60 tons. The diameter is 2800mm. The total height is about 15m. The silos are locally made by customers.
18.10 Two Cement Screw Conveyors

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