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Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Main Parameter
Motor power: 3kw

Pos.10 Pallet Cleaning Device
It is used to clean the face of pallets.

Pos. 11 Pallet Hopper
It is designed to store 3 pallets.

Pos.13 Overpass

Pos. 14 Water Spray Device (Optional)
The water spray device is primarily designed to prevent dust caused during packing the dry blocks and cleaning the empty pallets. It can also help keep the moisture of the blocks for curing, contributing to the hardness of the final products.

Pos. 15 Automatic Cubing Plant of Concrete Block Making Machine
The automatic cuber is designed for stacking the cured blocks from the pallets to product pallets which are on the slat conveyor. The stacking layers and heights can be adjusted in accordance with different product shapes. The cuber can move, lift and circumrotate automatically at the same time.
The cuber is mainly made up of frame, moving cart, lifting device, whirling device and clamps. The frame is bridge type structure and there are rails of moving cart on the top. The moving cart is driven by inverter controlled gear motor and moves along rails. The lifting device is of column type frame structure and is driven up and down by hydraulic cylinder. The turning device with large diameter roller bearing is driven by gear motor, and makes clamps turning 90 degree to left and right separately.
There is a maintenance platform on the top of the cuber to facilitate maintenance.

Hydraulic System of Concrete Block Making Machine
The automatic cuber is equipped with an independent hydraulic system consisting of oil tank, valves, cylinders, cooling and heating device, filter and pipelines. Main hydraulic elements and cylinder are superior products from world famous company such as Japanese Yuken, enabling the hydraulic station to work reliably.

Control System
The auto cuber adopts PLC control, which can be operated automatically, semi automatically and manually.
The high precision digital encoder controls the lifting height, whirling angle and horizontal moving distance of the clamp.

Main Parameter
Effective height of cubing: 50-1200mm
The scope of main clamps: 840-1400mm
The scope of assistant clamps: 940-1400mm
Angle of clamps head: ±90°
Driven power of horizontal movement: 2.2kw
Driven power of revolution: 0.75kw
Motor of hydraulic pump: 22kw
Pressure of hydraulic system: 16mpa

Pos. 16 Slat Conveyor of Concrete Block Making Machine
The slat conveyor is suitable to transport and store cubed blocks, and a forklift is used to take these blocks out of the conveyor to the yard outside. The slats are strong U frame steel which can withstand very heavy load. The conveyor system is driven by high power motor and moves according to the fixed pitch. Controlled by high-sensitive grating device, the conveyor can reliably transport pallets and products to the exact location.

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