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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Main Parameter
Hopper: 580L
Driven motor power: 2.2kw

Pos 21.4 JN330 Planetary Mixer
The planetary mixer is internationally advanced. The two arms can not only revolute along the main axes but also rotate along their own axes. The mixing is uniform and fast.

Main Parameter
Power: 7.5kw
Loading capacity: 495L
Compacted concrete per batch: 330L
Stars No.: 1

Pos 21.5 Cement Weighing Scale of Concrete Block Making Machine
The cement weighing scale is used in batching the cement. It is fixed over top of mixer, and consists of batching hopper and 3 load cells. As its key components are the products of SVA Series and RAP Series of Italy Mix Company, the weighing scale features reliable performance. A programming controller is used to control the power source of the screw controller, helping realize accurate feeding.

Main Parameter
Maximum weighing ability: 150kg
The precision for weighing: ±2%

Pos 21.6 Wet Concrete Conveying Belt
This conveying belt is used to transport the mixed aggregate to hopper of concrete block making machine. It includes the supporting frame.

Main Parameter
Power of electric roller: 5.5kw
Transport capacity: 300ton/hour

Pos 21.7 Water Metering and Moisture Measurement System
The face mixer equips Hydronix microwave moisture measurement device, with microwave sensor installed inside it. A micro water pump is used to pour water into face mixer. Water metering and moisture measurement operations are automatically controlled by a computer.

Pos 21.8 Cement Silo
There are two sets of cement silos, which are equipped with ash collector, level indicator and gas breaking device. The silos both have a capacity of 60 tons, and at least one silo uses a thunder-avoiding device. Generally, the silo should be provided by the customers.

Pos. 21.9 Two Cement Screw Conveyors
The screw conveyor is used to transport the cements from the silos to the cement weighing hopper, with length up to 7 meter.

Main Parameter
Conveying ability: 20-25tons/hour
Motor power: 7.5kw

Pos. 21.10 Color Dosing System (Optional)
The color dosing system is composed of batching and mixing plant, micro conveyor, batcher scale, adjusting valve, and more.
The system is used to put pigment into the batching and mixing plant, and the micro screw conveyor will convey the pigment to computer controlled batching scale. The scale will measure the pigment, and the screw conveyor will stop conveying pigment when the pigment reaches prescribed amount. Then the adjusting valve opens and pigment enters the mixer.

24.5.2 Control System for Face Concrete Mixing and Batching (Optional)
The system is suitable for automatic control of face concrete batching and weighing, water metering and moisture measuring, aggregate mixing and transporting. It can input the related parameters to the control unit according to the production frequency of block making machine, and the mixing system will carry out all operations automatically. The feeding process can be controlled both automatically and manually to facilitate debugging. Data statistic, store, and formula store can be realized by the computer.

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