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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Pos. 24.1 Electric Control for Block Machine
See Pos. 1

Pos. 24.2 Electric Control for Handling System
The system is used for the control of green block belt conveyor, rotating brush, chain elevator, chain lowerator, dry block conveyor, pallet cleaning brush, pallet turning device, pallet cross transfer device, pallet hopper, pallet scraper, etc. It is working through the central console to make the production line run orderly. Each piece of equipment can be controlled separately for easy adjustment.

Pos. 24.3 Electric Control for Cubing System
The control system of cuber has an independent control cabinet. It controls the cuber, slat conveyor and product pallet magazine. The system is controlled by the Siemens Simatic S 7 PLC. Joy-stick for manual machine operation and Siemens digital display for data input and output are available

Pos. 24.4 Control System of Finger Car
The finger car is controlled by PCL control system automatically which can memorize all the data automatically. The control system has auto alarm function.
Main controlling elements and signal elements all use products from world famous companies. Highly reliable proximity switch and limit switch are adopted to control starting, accelerating, decelerating, stopping etc., operations of finger car and platform.

Pos. 24.5 Control for Mixing and Batching

24.5.1 Control System for Base Concrete Mixing and Batching
The system is used to control aggregate hopper, conveyor belt, mixer, screw conveyor, moisture measurement device, weighing system, and other concrete mixing and batching devices. It can input the related parameters to the control unit according to the production frequency of block machine, and the mixing system can automatically perform feeding, mixing, water metering, moisture measuring, etc., until the aggregate is transported to the hoppers of block machine. The transport process can be controlled automatically and manually. Data statistic, store and formula store can be realized by the computer
Option 1

Pos. 1A Face Concrete Device (2nd Feeding Device) (Optional)
The face concrete device is suitable for the manufacturing of products with face concrete, and is installed in front of the block machine. Its frame is welded by strong rectangle steel. It can be linked and separated with the block machine easily to facilitate cleaning and mould exchanging operations. Concrete storage hopper with a level indicator is 800L and its gate is operated by hydraulic cylinder. The filler box is driven by two synchronized hydraulic cylinders.

Pos. 21 Mixing and Batching Plant for Face (Optional)

Pos. 21.1 Aggregate Hopper
The aggregate hopper is used to store fine sand, with a capacity of 12m3. It has two independent outlets, which are driven by air cylinder to control batching speed. The hopper uses a vibrating device to ensure the smooth unloading of aggregate.

Pos. 21.2 Weighing Belt
The weigh belt is used for measuring and batching the aggregates with load cell sensors. It is composed of frame, support rollers, side rollers, driving and driven drums, clearing device, rubber conveyor belts.

Main Parameter
The maximum weighing capacity: 1000kg
Driven motor power: 3kw
Weighing precision: ±2%
Effective conveyor quantity: 300ton/h

Pos 21.3 Aggregate Skip Hoister of Concrete Block Making Machine
The aggregate skip hoister is used to transport the batched aggregate to the mixer. It is made up of windlass, lifting hopper, and rails for lifting hopper. The limit switch can control equipment starting and stopping at any position.

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