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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Main Parameter
Hopper: 3450L
Driven motor: 18.5kw

Pos 20.4 JN2000 Planetary Mixer
It is a vertical planetary mixer manufactured using advanced technology. Two mixing arms can not only revolute along the main axes, but also rotate along their own axes, resulting complete, uniform mixing.

Main Parameters
Model: JN2000
Power: 75kw
Loading capacity: 3000L
Compacted concrete per batch: 2000L

Pos 20.5 Cement Weighing Scale of Concrete Block Making Machine
The cement weighing scale is used for weighing powdery materials like cement and fly ash. It is fixed on the top of the mixer, and consists of batching hopper and 3 load cells. The key components of batching hopper are SVA Series, RAP Series products of Italy Mix Company. Program controller is used to automatically control the power source of the screw conveyor, ensuring accurate material supply.

Main Parameter
Maximum weighing ability: 1000kg (for base)
Weighing precision: ±2%

Pos 20.6 Mixer Platform
for the mixers.

Pos 20.7 Wet Concrete Conveying Belt
It is built for transporting the mixed concrete from the mixer to the storage hoppers of concrete block making machine.

Main Parameter
Roller power: 5.5kw
Transport quantity: 300ton/hour

Pos. 20.8 Cement Silo
The cement silo should be provided by customers. It is equipped with ash collector,level indicator and gas breaking device. There should be two silos, which both have a capacity of 80 tons. One silo adopts a thunder-avoiding device on its top.

Pos. 20.9 Cement Screw Conveyor
There are two cement screw conveyors used to transport cement from silos to the cement weighing hopper. The conveyor is 7m in length.

Main Parameter
Conveying ability: 20-25tons/hour
Motor power: 7.5kw

Pos. 20.10 Water Metering and Moisture Measurement System
Hydronix microwave moisture measurement device is equipped for the base mixer, and one microwave sensor is installed inside the mixer. A micro water pump is used to pour the water into mixer. Moisture measurement and water filling operations are automatically controlled by computer.

Pos. 22 Water Supply System
The water supply system should be provided by customers. It is used to supply water to mixer, with popes from water tank to mixer.

Pos. 23 Pneumatic Group of Concrete Block Making Machine
The pneumatic group, an essential part of an automatic concrete block production line, functions as the acting device of batching and mixing plant, block machine, pallet feeder, pallet turning device and pallet oiling device. It primarily consists of air compressor, pip or hose, filter, cylinders and valves.

Pos. 24 Electric Control Group of Concrete Block Making Machine
The electric control group is composed of mixing and batching control system, block machine control system, finger car control system, transport control system and auto cuber control system.
The control group can memorize production data and programmes of dozens of products, which can greatly shorten the adjusting time after changing the products. In addition, it can record the output of products in every shift and month automatically, useful for working out the production plan and statistic of output.
All control systems are controlled in the central room through high performance digital logically controlling system. They can also be independently controlled.
The programmes of the whole system can be linked with and locked by each other.
Using Siemens S 7 PLC control technology, the system can help realize automatic loading, metering, mixing, cubing, moisture measurement, etc. Color monitor with user friendly interface displays production process and status, making the operation easier.
The control system includes many control cabinets and consoles. All elements are from world-famous brand such as Siemens, Omron, Fuji and Schneider.

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