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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

Main Parameter
Effective height of cubing: 50-1200mm
The scope of main clamps: 840-1400mm
The scope of assistant clamps: 940-1400mm
Whirling angle of clamps head: ±90°
Driven power of horizontal movement: 2.2kw
Driven power of revolution: 0.75kw
Motor of hydraulic pump: 22kw
Pressure of hydraulic system: 16mpa

Pos. 12 Pallet Turning Device of Concrete Block Making Machine
The pallet turning device is used for turning the clean empty pallets at 180 degrees so as to facilitate their use. It is driven by gear motor and controlled by high precision proximity switch.

Main Parameter
Driven power: 0.75kw

Pos. 13 Pallet Cross Transfer Device of Concrete Block Making Machine
It is used to convey the empty pallet to the turning device and transfer the turned pallets to the pallets hopper. It uses combined structure of stationary bracket and movable frame. The moveable frame can move the pallet horizontally for one pitch in one cycle. The movement of frame is driven by motor through rack and pinion device. The beginning and stopping position is controlled by a high sensitive switch.

Main Parameter
Driven power: 4kw
Travel Speed: 0.47m/s

Pos. 14 Pallet Cleaning Device
The pallet cleaning device is used to clean the pallets, which can remove impurities like residual concrete.

Pos. 15 Pallet Hopper
Pallet hopper is used to store the empty pallets. It utilizes high-sensitive electrical switch to control the position and quantity of pallets.

Main Parameter
Storage quantity: 4 pieces/pallet (steel)

Pos. 16 Pallet-collecting Hopper
The pallet-collecting hopper is designed to supply pallets for the concrete block making machine in the beginning of the production. In the process of production, it can also stack the empty pallet orderly, making it convenient for the forklift to take the pallet away.

Pos. 17 Slat Conveyor of Concrete Block Making Machine
Slat conveyor is used for transporting and storing cubed blocks. The forklift conveys blocks from the slat conveyor to the outside yard for curing. The slats are strong U frame steel which can stand very heavy load. The conveyor system is driven by high power motor and moves according to the fixed pitch. The utilization of high-sensitive grating device enables the conveyor to operate reliably and accurately.

Main Parameter
Motor power: about 7.5kw
Lengths: about 11m
Speed of movement: 0.18m/s

Pos. 18 Product Pallet Magazine
The product pallet magazine is used for storing the pallets and supplying them for slat conveyor, to suit the need of the auto cuber. The extended slats in three directions make the new pallet position exactly, and the synchronically linked haulm ensures the pallet lay up and down vertically in the magazine. The hydraulic and pneumatic control system is used.

Pos. 19 Overpass

Pos. 20 Mixing and Batching Plant for Base

Pos.20.1 Aggregate Hopper of Concrete Block Making Machine
The aggregate hopper consists of stationery frame and store hopper, and is mainly used to store sand and stone. There are three aggregate hoppers, each of which has a capacity of 20m3.
The stationery frame, as the frame part of the whole batching system, is used for supporting hoppers, fixing the weighing system and concrete belt conveyors.
The hopper wall is made of steel plate for high strength and rigidity. Each hopper has two independent discharge outlets. The outlets are driven by pneumatic cylinder to realize high batching precision and speed. The hopper used for storing fine aggregate is equipped with vibrating device to ensure the smooth unloading of the aggregate.

Pos 20.2 Weighing Belt
The weighing belt is used to measure and batch the aggregates. It adopts load cell sensors. The belt conveyor is composed of frame, support rollers, side rollers, driving and driven drums, clearing device, rubber conveyor belts.

Main Parameter
The maximum weighing capacity: 3000kg
Dynamic weighing precision: ±2%
Motor: 7.5kw
Effective conveyor quantity: 300ton/h

Pos 20.3 Aggregate Skip Hoister
The aggregate skip hoister is used to transport the batched aggregate to the mixer. It is made up of windlass, lifting hopper and the rails for lifting hopper. The limit switch can automatically control the starting and stopping of the hoister at any position.

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