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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

(3) Handling system
The finger car and green block conveyor are equipped with inverters for smooth operation. There are mechanical position device and interlock and self-lock function in the control system for finger car so it is operating safely and reliably. The elevator and lowerator are equipped with REIT patent synchronized device. The finger car that can turn around 180° is optional.
It is the transportation protection for high quality final products.

Special Features
Finger car and green block conveyors are controlled by inverter. There are patent synchronized device.

(4) Automatic Cuber System
REIT cuber is fully automatic. The cubing layers, height and style are adjustable. The cuber can move, lift and rotate automatically at the same time. The horizontal movement is inverter controlled gear and pinion rack driven. The vertical lifting is digital code controlled hydraulic driven. The rotation is gear and tooth ring driven.
It is the package protection for high quality final products.

Special Features
Inverter controlled gear and pinion rack driving movement
Code controlled hydraulic up and down
Advanced hydraulic clamp
Gear and tooth ring driving rotation
Reliable hydraulic station with elements from renowned suppliers

(5) Electric Control Group
The electric control group adopts world famous brand PLC. The power unit is housed in a control desk which includes joy-sticks for manual machine operation and an integrated display for data input, output as well as error diagnosis system. The color monitor is equipped with user-friendly interface and diagram display, enabling the operator to operate and control the block production line conveniently and effectively. The whole line can be controlled fully automatically, semi-automatically and manually through this control group.
It is the I/O operator and machine.

(6) Insulation Block Production (Foam automatic insert device)
Equipped with the foam automatic insert device, the concrete block making machine can produce insulation blocks. Currently, REIT has developed the third generation foam automatic insert device which is more stable and durable.

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