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Concrete Block Production Line (With Palletizing Machine)

REIT RT9B-L concrete block production line with palletizing machine is specially designed and manufactured for production of hollow and solid concrete blocks, pavers, kerbstones, among others. The concrete block plant is comprised of a large variety of systems including block making machine, batching and mixing plant, controlling system, cubing system, etc. Detailed descriptions about these components are shown as follows.

1. Stationary Block Machine REIT RTQT9
Pallet size 1450 × 700 ×45 mm (wooden)
Minimum product height 50mm
Maximum product height 300mm
Work area 1250×640mm
Operation cycle 15-25s (Depend on the products)
Capacity per pallet 9 hollow blocks 400×200×200mm
Vibration motor 2×7.5kw
Upper mould vibration motor 2×0.75kw
The power of hydraulic station 30kw
The rated pressure of hydraulic station 16MPa
Machine weight Approx. 10 tons
Machine weight including 2nd feeding device Approx. 12 tons

This type of concrete block machine is commonly used for manufacturing pavers with and without face mix, kerbstones, hollow blocks and other concrete products. It consists of five main parts including machine body, filler box, compacting system, hydraulic drive unit and PLC control system.

2. Green Block Conveyor
It is designed for smooth transportation of concrete blocks and is driven by variable frequency motor
Driven motor: 2.2kw
Transport speed: 0.1-0.6m/s

3. Rotating Brush for Green Block
The brush is installed above the block conveyor for clean of the products that are just made.
Driven motor: 0.75kw

4. Elevator
The elevator is designed for lifting the pallet with green blocks to certain position. It is made of steel sections and has total six stories with two pallets in one layer. This block lifting device is driven by hydraulic unit. High quality proximity sensor will control lifting height, and the combination of a beam sensor ensures high safety protection.

5. Lowerator
In a concrete block production line, the lowerator is of same importance with the elevator. It is used to lower the pallet with dried blocks.

6. Dry Block Conveyor
The dry block conveyor is used to transport the dry blocks at the manufacturing dry side. It is designed with fixed distance pawls and driven by a 2.2kw gear motor.

7. Pallet-Block Separating Device
The separating device can push dry blocks on the pallet into the cubing machine at a lower position. It is driven by chains powered by a motor with speed reducer, ensuring outstanding stabilization and ease of maintenance.

Working height 640 mm
Working stroke 1780mm
Working speed 0.3m/s
Stroke of elevating hydro-cylinder 280mm
Rate power 2.2Kw

8. Low-position Palletizing Machine
The palletizing machine can move the dry blocks to a rotating platform after it uplifts them to a proper height, and then put those blocks onto the product pallet. During the rotation of the pallet, each layer of blocks can be laid perpendicular to the lower one.

The cubing machine can arrange, uplift, move, and cube the blocks through an electronic-control system. This machine consists of frame, lift, translation device and armour plate. It applies chain motor with speed reducer, which enables good stabilization and easy maintenance.

Lifting motor 4Kw
Speed of lifting 0.47m/s
Lifting stroke 1320mm
Motor for translation 2.2Kw
Translation speed 0.524 m/s
Max. translation distance 1930mm

9. Rotation Platform
The platform can rotate and make each layer of block perpendicular to the lower one. After being cubed, the blocks loaded on pallet will be transported forward, and then an unloaded pallet will be put on this platform and prepare to cube again. All of this process will repeat again and again.

Working height 510mm
Rotation speed n=4.56rpm
Product pallet 1200×1200×144mm
Rated power 1.1 Kw

10. Pallet Cleaning Device
The pallet cleaning device is equipped to clean the face of pallets.

11. Pallet Conveyor
It is designed with a fixed distance pawl and a pallet return system.

12. Pallet Turning Device
The device is used for turning the empty and cleaned pallets. It is driven by a 0.75kw motor.

13. Mixing and Batching Plant
13.1 Aggregate hoppers (3×6m3)
These three aggregate hoppers with the capacity of 6m3 for each one are used for storing sand and stone. They are comprised of stationary frame and store hopper.
The stationary frame is used for supporting the hoppers and fixing the weighing system and concrete belt conveyors.

14. Electric Control System
The electric control system of our concrete block production line provides excellent control for mixing and batching plant, block making machine and transport system.

The Siemens Siematic S 7 PLC and power unit are housed in a control desk which comes with joy-sticks for manual machine operation and an integrated Siemens display for data input and output.

15. Pneumatic Group
The pneumatic group is the acting device of related equipment such as batching and mixing plant, block machine, pallet feeder, pallet turning device and pallet oiling device. It includes air compressor, pip or hose, filter, cylinders, valves, etc.

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