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Fully Automatic Concrete Block Production Line

This page shows our fully automatic concrete block production line, which is one of our most popular products. This line is designed and manufactured using our years of experience and advanced technology from Germany. Hence, REIT concrete block production line has the advantages of low failure rate, high productivity, high automation and great reliability.

This concrete block production line is suitable for making pavers, kerbstones, hollow and solid blocks, etc., which are widely used as construction building material, road construction material and landscaping material, etc.

REIT fully automatic concrete block production line consists of five parts

More Information
International markets: the Middle East, Libya, Algeria, Indonesia, India, Russia, Pakistan, South Korea, North Korea, USA, etc.
Certificates: CE and ISO9001
Time of finishing an order: 2-3 months
Payment term: T/T and L/C
Spare parts: free spare parts within the warranty period
Voltage requirement: according to customer's specific requirements

REIT RTQT15, RTQT12, RTQT9 block machine is used for fully automatic production line to have different capacity of production lines. This production line is designed for large scale investment. The whole production line requires only 5 to 6 workers.

The REIT fully automatic concrete block production line consists of five parts
(1) Batching and mixing plant
(2) Concrete block making machine
(3) Handling system
(4) Cubing system
(5) Controlling system

(1) Batching and mixing plant
There are two sets of batching and mixing equipment for base concrete and face concrete separately. All materials used including aggregate, cement and pigment are automatically and accurately weighed through computer control. The system is equipped with microwave moisture measurement and accurate water metering devices controlled by computer. The use of advanced planetary mixers ensures fast and uniform mixing.
It is essential for high quality final products.

Special Features
In technique
Accurate weighing
Accurate moisture
Even and quick mixing

In equipment
All materials are weighed and controlled by computer
Moister and water controlled by computer
Planetary mixers

(2) Concrete block making machine
Compacting and vibrating system-Block making machineAs the block making machine adopts advanced vibration technology and REIT patent multi-shaft vibrator, the vibration on the table is even. The frequency and amplitude can be adjusted according to different materials and products. The hydraulic driven fast feeding device and REIT low speed cruising control technology are used to shorten the cycle time. The use of foam plate insert device enables the block machine to produce heat insulation blocks.
It is the key for high quality products.

Special Features
In technique
Advanced vibration technology
Variable frequency and amplitude
Vibration isolation
Low speed cruising control

In equipment
Multi-shaft vibrator with high frequency
Inverter control
Floating vibration table
Hydraulic driving two-arm feeding system
Advanced PLC control system

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